Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Media Specialist Extraordinaire - Kerry Townsend

Meet Kerry's iPad. If you are stickler for organization, you may not want to look. In fact, she included the disclaimer that she uses SmartSearch to find her apps. I wonder why?

Kerry's top five apps:

  1. Evernote:  for recording and collecting ideas / information / thoughts / evolving documents
  2. Dropbox / Google Drive:  My buckets of everything, everywhere.  I can share with both and, just recently, I can use Google Drive to edit as well as hold Docs / Spreadsheets
  3. Photos / Photostream:   also for recording and collecting  ideas / information / thoughts / evolving documents. . .also a lovely record of my real / teaching life  
  4. iBooks:  Instant book gratification.  It is better than Amazon Prime and I have all of my books / notes with me at all times.  If not on my iPad, previously purchased books can be downloaded in less than 10 seconds.  
  5. Twitter / Reeder RSS Reader:  Best Professional Development Ever.  Also a great way to cover real-time current events.  I can only begin to imagine how I would be using these Primary Sources if I were still teaching in a High School classroom.    

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